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Getting into an accident with a large truck or commercial motor vehicle can cause devastating life altering injuries, and in the worst cases, death. These are large heavy vehicles and once they get up to speed take longer to stop and they hit with a much stronger force than a regular car. In addition, these types of accidents involve at least one driver with a special commercial driver's license which requires them to comply with both Washington state and Federal regulations. If you've been involved in an accident with a semi-truck or other commercial motor vehicle it's important you hire the best truck accident lawyer you can find but make sure that they have experience dealing with these types of accident cases as they are not the same as handling a regular car accident.

How is a commercial truck accident case different?

Fighting an accident case that involves a semi-truck or other commercial vehicle can differ in a number of important ways. Not only is the severity of the accident, and thus the injuries, likely to be more substantial, there are very specific differences. If at any point in your reading, you wish to speak with a member of our friendly legal staff or want to schedule a no cost no obligation consultation to discuss your case with one of our local 

First, commercial vehicles are by their nature, involved in, and part of, a business. Thus, you will be dealing with a business, an employee or multiple employees, and a commercial insurance company/policy. This can lead to all sorts of issues involving multiple parties that can be at odds with one another. It involves increased discovery and investigation because you have to look into the business, the driver, the dispatch employee, you have to look into whether they are following proper safety protocols, state and federal guidelines, and you are dealing with people whose livelihood is on the line. A truck driver can lose their license because of an accident. A business can be denied insurance which means the end of the business. Would you trust people in this position to do the right thing, to tell the truth, to cooperate even if mandated by law? Of course not. It's why not every injury lawyer handles truck accident claims. 

Second, the claims process can be different from a normal car accident. The insurance company/policy will be a business or commercial policy and, although these policies are larger than a normal personal insurance policy, it is our experience that these insurance companies will fight even harder to reject a fair settlement. They know these are serious accidents with serious injuries, but they will do all they can to fight a reasonable settlement. This means the likelihood of having to file a lawsuit and go to trial can increase. It's one critical reason why you need to make sure you trust and can get along with your truck accident lawyer because they may well be in your life for years.

Third, the drivers of these commercial vehicles have to obtain and keep special commercial driver's licenses or CDLs. These licenses require specific knowledge and skills and these drivers are required to meet certain state and federal guidelines. They have to keep log records to track the hours they drive, there are state and federal guidelines dealing with their vehicle and it's equipment, they have special rules on random urinalysis tests, they can lose their license for DUIs in their personal vehicle and for an accumulation of tickets, including for accidents. In addition, CDL holders have limited opportunities to keep their license should something happen. The government is very quick to suspend, revoke and disqualify someone from driving commercial motor vehicles. This puts the driver, and often the business, in a position where they are defending their job, their livelihood against your claim of fault for the accident.

Finally, as mentioned, injuries for these types of accidents are usually much more severe, including long term disability, loss of the ability to work, and even death. This requires a certain type of not just injury attorney, but a compassionate human being. Your truck accident lawyer will be involved in your life for a long time, often several years. You will need to lean on them for guidance, advice, assistance with medical providers and treatment, and someone who will communicate and guide you through every step of the process. You need a truck accident lawyer that is experienced with these types of cases and, frankly, has a successful practice so that they aren't pressured to settle your case so they can get paid. At South Sound Law Group, our team of friendly staff and experienced truck injury claim lawyers have one rule, put the client first. In the 40 years we've been helping clients we've found that if you put the client first everything else becomes easier.

Truck Accident Lawyer: Common Concerns

When searching for a local truck accident lawyer, the most common question we get deals with costs. Questions like: "What do I have to pay upfront?" or "How much does a truck accident attorney cost?" We don't want you to have any of that stress, so we work on a Contingency fee. This means there are no up-front cost or fees to you. We only collect if we are able to settle the case or if we are victorious after a trial. If so, then we take a percentage of that amount.

Our fees are competitive and, in general, we don't accept more in fees than what the client would get after medical expenses are paid. We structured our business this way so that there is little to no risk to you and zero reason not to call and set up a free consultation. There is no upfront costs, so even if you decide we aren't the right law firm to represent you, we hope that you leave with more information to make the right decision for you.

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If you've been in a serious commercial vehicle accident, you should speak with an experienced semi-truck accident lawyer before you make any statements to any insurance company or sign anything. Our experienced legal team can help figure out whether or not you should move forward with a case. Our consultations are always no cost or risk to you, so call us today at 253-383-3328. Your call is completely confidential and there is no obligation to move forward. Contact us today and let us get fighting for you!

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