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Imagine you're walking along, maybe on the sidewalk, maybe crossing the street in a cross walk, when all of a sudden you're struck by a car. You're thrown up over the hood and come crashing down onto the pavement. When you gain consciousness, you're not sure what happened. Fear and panic set in as you feel warm blood running down your face, you're dizzy, every breath feels like you're being stabbed. There's a crowd around you including firefighters and EMTs asking you questions your scrambled brain can't comprehend. You hear someone say you were hit by a car. A thousand questions rush to your mind, how bad am I injured, will I miss school or work, how will I pay my bills, what do I do now?

At South Sound Law Group, this terrifying story is all too common as we've heard a version of it from many of our pedestrian injury clients. Maybe the facts are a little different, maybe you were exercising or on your skateboard, either way, being involved in a car accident is a scary event but being involved in an accident as a pedestrian is traumatic. We understand, and it's why our experienced pedestrian accident lawyers and our friendly legal team have only one approach to our cases, put the client first. For over 40 years we've lived by this motto and it makes every case easier. You're already going through enough, the stress and pain of an accident, the frustrating recovery to try and get back to normal, and the panic when you think about the medical bills and. 

Our main goal is to take all that stress and confusion off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on your health and your recovery. We will take care of fighting with the insurance companies, we handle the evidence gathering and investigations, we work hard to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. Moreover, our team will communicate with you through out the entire process so you always know where your case stands and we work with you to make sure we tailor your life, your injury, and your pain and suffering, is made clear to the insurance companies. 

How are pedestrian accidents different?

Although a pedestrian injury accident has some similarities with a regular car accident there are several differences, and important steps that any experienced injury attorney knows must be taken to achieve the top settlement possible.

First, these cases are unique and very fact specific. This means that it may require your injury attorney do to more, and more importantly, know that they need to do more. It may involve doing public record requests, searching the area for cameras whether its city, business or home cameras like a Ring doorbell, it requires going to and evaluating the scene, taking pictures, videos, and possibly recreating the accident. Although a thorough accident attorney should be doing these things for all of their injury cases, it can become even more important in a pedestrian accident, especially if fault is uncertain.

Second, pedestrians are physically less constrained by cars, but by law, they are limited in where and when they can enter or cross streets. Thus, who's at fault, and what percentage of fault is each involved party, can greatly impact a case and the final settlement amount. An insurance company or defense attorney will always try to argue the pedestrian was at least partially at fault. They'll look to discredit you as the victim. Were you paying attention to your phone? Did you have headphones on?

Third, after investigation, there may be other at-fault parties besides the driver of the vehicle. This can include businesses, city or state governments or utilities, or other private citizens. This can occur because there may be a number of possible causes or contributors to your injuries. Part of this process is to find any and all parties that may be involved and submit a claim to them as well. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can explain the specific legal reasons this is done, but for here, the idea is sue everyone who may be at-fault, sort it out later, or lose your claim forever.

For example, say you were hit by a car in a crosswalk, it was clear, dry and daylight, and you were not at all at fault. You may think, well the driver of the car is at fault. Correct. However, the crosswalk may be in an unsafe location and there is not proper signage, paint, and lights. The city or state may be wholly or partially at fault as well. What if the driver was a city or state employee? Again the city or state are involved. What if the driver claims a bush, maintained and on the property of the business next to the crosswalk, was too big and blocked their view of you, and thus, that's why the accident occurred and so it's not their fault. That business may be liable for all or part of your injuries. It can go on and on and on like this depending on the facts of the case. This is just a short example of why you want a skilled pedestrian accident attorney fighting for you.

Finally, with pedestrian accidents, and with some car accidents, there may also be a corresponding criminal case connected to your accident. Perhaps the driver was found to be intoxicated, perhaps it was a hit and run because they fled the scene, or if you were seriously injured they may be facing a felony Vehicular Assault charge. When a person is a victim in a criminal case, they have certain rights which can impact if and how that criminal case is settled. At South Sound Law Group, we are also criminal defense attorneys and we believe this helps our clients in these situations. We understand the process within the criminal courts which allows us to use this knowledge for your benefit in trying get you a fair settlement. Whether that's through negotiations with the at-fault driver's attorney or through working with the prosecuting attorney on securing a restitution amount, our knowledge and skill as both injury attorneys and criminals defense attorneys makes us more impactful than someone who is just an injury attorney.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney: Common Concerns

When searching for a Tacoma pedestrian accident lawyer, the most common question we get deals with costs. Questions like: "What do I have to pay upfront?" or "How much does a pedestrian accident attorney cost?" We don't want you to have any of that stress, so we work on a Contingency fee. This means there are no up-front cost or fees to you. We only collect if we are able to settle the case or if we are victorious after a trial. If so, then we take a percentage of that amount.

Our fees are competitive and, in general, we don't accept more in fees than what the client would get after medical expenses are paid. We structured our business this way so that there is little to no risk to you and zero reason not to call and set up a free consultation. There is no upfront costs, so even if you decide we aren't the right law firm to represent you, we hope that you leave with more information to make the right decision for you.

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If you've been in a serious accident as a pedestrian, you should speak with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer before you make any statements to any insurance company or sign anything. Our experienced legal team can help figure out whether or not you should move forward with a case. Our consultations are always no cost or risk to you, so call us today at 253-383-3328. Your call is completely confidential and there is no obligation to move forward. Contact us today and let us get fighting for you!

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